Graded 0.5 Episode 21 – Reality Hopping Heroes

October 11, 2017 Jason Golden 0

This week, it’s all about Marvel’s Exiles.  Hopping reality to reality, trying to right wrongs, all so they can come home again.  This allowed us to look at multiple realities in the scope of 1 episode. Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne

Graded 0.5 Episode 18 – Steampunk Batman Rocks

September 20, 2017 Jason Golden 1

So Batman: Gotham By Gaslight is getting an animated adaptation.  This made us want to read it and it’s sequel.  So we did.  Gotham By Gaslight was cool.  Master of the Future, not so much.  Come on this journey with us. This episode features special guest OPQ. Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne.

Graded 0.5 Episode 17 – All Because of a Nail

September 7, 2017 Jason Golden 0

This time, it’s all about a single nail.  A nail that changed the course of the entire world around it.  A nail that stopped the world’s greatest hero from ever being, that made a world so familiar, yet somehow just distant enough from our own.  This is why Elseworlds are cool. Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne.

Graded 0.5 Episode 16 – Hulk Means Nothing

August 31, 2017 Jason Golden 0

So this week, we look and see what happens if Wolverine killed Hulk and vice versa. Short answer: nothing much happens.  In fact, Hulk is completely unnecessary to the comics landscape. Wolverine is on the opposite side, he’s shoehorned in everything.  Both options suck.   Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne.

Graded 0.5 Episode 15 – Doom: Sorcerer Supreme

August 16, 2017 Jason Golden 0

Welcome to what we’re affectionately calling Season 3 of Graded 0.5!  We’ve had to take another brief hiatus, recharge the batteries, and get out of the funk the modern comics industry has left us in.  We’ve decided Season 3 is all about the multiverses.  To kick it off, we went back to our old friend Dr Doom, but this time from a new angle.  We talk What If (Vol 2) #52, from all the way back in 1993, which poses the question of what it would be like if Dr Doom took on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Intro music […]