Year In Review Kind Of Thingy

So we’re 25 episodes deep, 3 seasons worth of content. Got season 4 started, and groundwork for 5 laid down. It might not look it, but we’re pretty busy. So let’s take a look at what all has changed recently, eh?

-So we finished up Season 3, which was our Multiverse season. It went well, listeners increased exponentially. We consider this a success.

-We’ve started Season 4, which as was revealed on our Twitter, will be Hellboy. Season 5 has been planned, and books have been purchased. Subject will be revealed at a later date.

-Oh yeah, we’ve got a Twitter.

-More or less for the Hell of it, we opened up a Patreon. We plan to use whatever money this makes to get more comics, and make more content.

-We opened up a Discord server. It’s pretty active, and the staff chills in there, daily. Click the link for an invite!

-The site’s been overhauled. We’re working on a proper “About Us” page, gave a way to contact us, and even a Site News category! On the right bar there, we’ve got useful widgets to our social presences, and ways to get in on the action.

-The audio player’s been updated. Runs smoother, looks nicer, and stuff just generally pleases us more.


So yeah, we’ve got all this stuff in the bag, more or less within the last month or so. We’re making moves, getting more stuff ready to go. On that note, here’s what we got planned for 2018:

-A second podcast. Wayne, Darrell, and Jason are working on a new podcast, based on how they would have written out of sticky situations and plotlines. Just some fantasy comics booking.

-Videos. We recently got a video guy to join up with us. So expect some kind of strange stuff here.

-An increased social media presence. We’ve got the spiciest bandito on the internet, Scrumpmonkey, rolling around our twitter. We’ve already received DMs to fire him for harassment. Our legal team has advised us to do some cocaine and drive a hard top to the coast. We’re taking it under advisement.

-More of what worked last year. We’re going to look into the weird and the wild, reporting back on what we’ve seen.


So thank you to everyone who made our first year work so well! We’ve been loving every moment of it, and plan on giving you an even bigger 2018. Keep your eyes peeled, and see what we do next.