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The Weekly Ramble – “Always Punch Nazis”

August 24, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

This week, the gang meets up to discuss one of the stupidest and most cringey kickstarter campaigns they have ever seen in the realm of comics. Music by junior85 (

Crowdfunding Comics: Blood, Skulls & Chrome

August 14, 2018 Jordan 0

DISCLOSURE: While we are not being given monetary compensation for our coverage of this kickstarter, I, Jordan, have personally put down my own money towards the project and was given a look at the currently in-progress comic to read for this coverage. Crowdfunding, whether you love it or hate it, can be a very important tool to see content that might not otherwise be made in the industries we love come to life. Today, we’ve got a pitch for a currently on-going kickstarter campaign that we all thought might be right up your alley. Recently, we here at Graded 0.5 […]