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(04) Comic of the Week – Death of Superman

August 28, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

  Today Wayne tackles the seminal DC story, The Death of Superman Like what you see? Want to help support our endeavors? Give a our Patreon a gander over yonder! (Music used – Louise Bynre – Neptune Underscore)

Graded Point Five Episode 6 – Death Retcons

March 23, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded Point Five Episode 6 - Death Retcons

This time around, we talk about how bogus death is in comics. It never sticks, the dead keep rising, and frankly, it’s all just reached a point, you know? Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.

Death’s Revolving Door Policy

January 31, 2017 Wayne 0

Death is an inevitability and a finality. In comics, we’ve seen many a death. Superman died defending Metropolis from Doomsday’s rampage. Captain America was sniped by Crossbones on courthouse steps. Jean Grey died to save the rest of the X-Men from an otherwise fatal re-entry. Jason Todd was beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker, then blown up. These deaths rocked the comics world, and the holes they left in our hearts will never be filled. Well, at least not for another 6-12 months, a year or two at most. Then some massive event will hit, and our […]