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(05) Comic of the Week – Batman – Freakout

September 3, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

  Take a “trip” with Wayne and the Dark Knight, as we delve into the 3 part story of Freakout Want help support Graded Point Five? Head on over to our Patreon! (Music used – Louise Bynre – Neptune Underscore)

Graded 0.5 Episode 11 – Adam We and Rob Riefeld

June 15, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded 0.5 Episode 11 - Adam We and Rob Riefeld

This week, we talk a little about the passing of Adam West. However, since that proved to be a bit of a downer, we quickly started ripping on Rob Liefeld. Darrell kept calling him “Rob Riefeld”. We made fun of him for that, too. Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.

Chasing Strange: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

January 11, 2017 Wayne 0

I know a bunch of you shippers are so glad to hear that Harley Quinn is in a non-monogamous relationship with Poison Ivy. While a part of me was kind of blasé about it, another part of me could only laugh his fat ass off. Not because there’s anything particularly humorous about the situation, but because DC slipped a big one past everyone’s noses, and no one sneezed. Check the wording from DC: “They are girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy.” So not only is this relationship homosexual, but it’s non-standard-conforming. Is it an open relationship? Is there a third […]