Graded Point Five Episode 4 – Batgirl

February 22, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded Point Five Episode 4 - Batgirl

This episode, we talk Batgirl. Her life as Oracle, and how un-crippling her was complete bullshit. Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.

Batgirl: DC’s Real Killing Joke

January 11, 2017 Wayne 1

Comics are not a medium where the terms “status quo” or “logic” apply. In fact, one thing fans keep in mind is that this is a medium where real change is rare and often undone at the drop of a hat. Any change can, and will, be undone with time. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and Google how many times Jean Grey has died and come back to life. Marvel just threw their hands over their heads and said “Ah, fuck it, she’s got a primal force of life and creation in her” to hand-wave it all away. Now, with […]