Site Update – 07-31-2018

We know it’s a bit irregular to have a site update so close to the previous one, but with the recent upheaval we figured it would be a good idea to give y’all an update on the direction we will be going in in the future.

First and Foremost, as stated last week, Graded 0.5 is under new management! The best way to describe it is as such: I (Optimus/Wayne) am the “creative director”, as it were, meaning I’ll be the one who you can yell at for much of the content we put out in the coming months should it suck a barrel of eggs, and also host for the podcast. I will also be running the Twitter account, with the help of Jordan.

Speaking of, he’ll still a co-host for the podcast and writer for the site, but has also expanded his role to be something of a “production manager/director” type, helping to organize tasks and content schedules (more on that later).

Josh Bray of SuperNerdLand has stepped up to help with organization and workflow (as well as teach Jordan some of the fundamentals of audio/video production to give our content just a bit more polish going forward) and to keep the hamsters on the wheels, as it were.

We also have a new co-host for the show, our good friend Kab! He’s an idea guy and also an aspiring artist — and don’t tell him I told you this, he’s also pretty damn funny. So expect to see his thumbprint on quite a few projects coming up.

But that’s not the only expansion to the staff we’ll be having as we move forward. We’re also happy to welcome a new dedicated writer into the fold, Gamma. Gamma is a chap Jason had found due to an awesome video he did about Superman and we liked what he did so much that we just HAD to have him join us!

This video is really, really good! Go check it out!

Starting last weekend, we began recording the much teased new podcast with a new focus. We call it: Operation: Retcon! This new show has our talented crew taking on stories from the past and reworking them to actually be better (a shocking prospect, we know)! In addition to the podcast episodes, select ideas that we think are really good retcons for these stories will be followed-up with more in-depth details — either as write-ups by Jordan, or as a video done by myself (with as much production quality as we can muster for free).

Let’s talk about the content schedule, shall we? We know one of the biggest missteps we’ve had in the past was not releasing content in a consistent manner. Sometimes the staff would get stressed and need to go from a weekly schedule to a bi-weekly, only to switch back to weekly once we got our second wind, as it were(and only to go back to bi-weekly once again). The lack of consistency in how often we uploaded content for our audience to consume is definitely something we don’t desire to continue. So, we’re doing everything we can to offer you a diversity of content to enjoy from a week to week basis.

That content will vary from written articles from Jordan and Gamma (the former will do analytical pieces about the stories he’s read or ideas within comics that he finds interesting with the later writing about the comics industry outside of the U.S., as well as giving recommendations for foreign comics you lot ought to read), and a new segment we call “Comic of the Week”, where one of the members of staff will create a short 5 – 10 minute video on a single issue or trade or whatever that they feel is important enough as a fan of comics to highlight (think of it as a weekly recommendation of sorts).

We want to thank you all going forwards as we walk down this new path with Graded Point Five. Those who have been with us from the start, and those just joining in the fun are more than welcome around these parts. We urge you to keep up-to-date on our podcasts and other content by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube, as well as keeping dibs on us via Twitter!

If you like what you see and hear, and felt so obliged to help us fiscally, give a jump on over to our Patreon page where you can help! It’s not a must to run with us, but we appreciate any penny that supports us growing in the future.

If you’d ever have an idea on something you’d like us to cover, or an idea you’d like explored, feel free to hit us up on Twitter, or by shooting us a line on our contact page!

Til next time, you true believers keep up the spirit!