Graded Point Five Episode 3 – Y: The Last Man

February 8, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded Point Five Episode 3 - Y: The Last Man

Listen to us talk about Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s amazing series “Y: The Last Man”. The story of the last lone male, in a world dominated by women. Good times. Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.

Death’s Revolving Door Policy

January 31, 2017 Wayne 0

Death is an inevitability and a finality. In comics, we’ve seen many a death. Superman died defending Metropolis from Doomsday’s rampage. Captain America was sniped by Crossbones on courthouse steps. Jean Grey died to save the rest of the X-Men from an otherwise fatal re-entry. Jason Todd was beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker, then blown up. These deaths rocked the comics world, and the holes they left in our hearts will never be filled. Well, at least not for another 6-12 months, a year or two at most. Then some massive event will hit, and our […]

Graded Point Five Episode 2 – The Fifth Beatle

January 25, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded Point Five Episode 2 - The Fifth Beatle

For episode 2, we discuss Vivek Tiwary’s award-winning comic, “The Fifth Beatle”, which documents the story of the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein. We honestly didn’t like it. We get pretty vocal on this matter, as well. Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.

Chasing Strange: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

January 11, 2017 Wayne 0

I know a bunch of you shippers are so glad to hear that Harley Quinn is in a non-monogamous relationship with Poison Ivy. While a part of me was kind of blasé about it, another part of me could only laugh his fat ass off. Not because there’s anything particularly humorous about the situation, but because DC slipped a big one past everyone’s noses, and no one sneezed. Check the wording from DC: “They are girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy.” So not only is this relationship homosexual, but it’s non-standard-conforming. Is it an open relationship? Is there a third […]

Must Read Comics: Transmetropolitan

January 11, 2017 Wayne 0

What if I said there is a vision of a sci-fi dystopia where anything you wanted could be gotten at the touch of a button? That a few commands separate you from the greatest trove of information mankind has ever had access to, but you’re just going to seek mindless entertainment and porn? That human beings would try to separate from their species, to become something new and alien, only to be oppressed by the stodgy old guard who want to keep them in line? That there was a world where politicians never changed, but only became more and more brazen […]

Batgirl: DC’s Real Killing Joke

January 11, 2017 Wayne 1

Comics are not a medium where the terms “status quo” or “logic” apply. In fact, one thing fans keep in mind is that this is a medium where real change is rare and often undone at the drop of a hat. Any change can, and will, be undone with time. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and Google how many times Jean Grey has died and come back to life. Marvel just threw their hands over their heads and said “Ah, fuck it, she’s got a primal force of life and creation in her” to hand-wave it all away. Now, with […]

Graded Point Five Episode 1 – The Crow

January 8, 2017 Wayne 0
Graded Point Five Episode 1 - The Crow

Well, here it is, folks. The first episode of Graded 0.5! To celebrate, we invited just about everyone we could on to talk about James O’Barr’s “The Crow”. We do the thing!   Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.