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Beast Boy Can Break Barriers Without Being Gay

January 2, 2018 Jason 0

Note: This article initially ran without any link or explanation of the initial CBR tweet/article.  We do not condone giving such a place any traffic, and as such we provide an archive of the initial tweet here. Recently, I stumbled across a rather annoying tweet from Comic Book Resources. Big surprise, right? A shit factory pumps out a fresh log, not exactly something unexpected. The entire tweet just read “Teen Titans’ Beast Boy Needs To Come Out of the Closet”. I immediately lost my shit. How dare they suggest that sweet, wholesome, utterly stupid, hopeless romantic Gar was gay! Immediately, I […]

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Year In Review Kind Of Thingy

December 30, 2017 Jason 0

So we’re 25 episodes deep, 3 seasons worth of content. Got season 4 started, and groundwork for 5 laid down.  It might not look it, but we’re pretty busy. So let’s take a look at what all has changed recently, eh? -So we finished up Season 3, which was our Multiverse season. It went well, listeners increased exponentially. We consider this a success. -We’ve started Season 4, which as was revealed on our Twitter, will be Hellboy. Season 5 has been planned, and books have been purchased.  Subject will be revealed at a later date. -Oh yeah, we’ve got a […]

Graded 0.5 Episode 21 – Reality Hopping Heroes

October 11, 2017 Jason 0

Graded 0.5 Episode 21 – Reality Hopping Heroes
Graded Point Five

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This week, it’s all about Marvel’s Exiles.  Hopping reality to reality, trying to right wrongs, all so they can come home again.  This allowed us to look at multiple realities in the scope of 1 episode. Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne