The Last Hunt #1-4 [SPOILERS]

Publisher: Amigo Comics
Written By: Hannu Kesola and Ken Janssens
Art By: Paul Moore
Color By: Beth Varni
Editor: El Torres
Year: 2017
Cover Price: $3.99 (Per Issue)
For Mature Readers

Note: Graded 0.5 was provided digital copies of this comic, for review purposes.

In the far-flung future of 2232, a ship crash landed in Salem, Massachusetts. While doing repairs, the crew comes across imposter scientists, who turn out to be supernatural killers that seem to like to use sex as a prelude to killing. They also apparently like to turn into old crones, just prior to the kill, which is played to great shock value at the end of issue 1.

The Last HuntIt turns out the killers are Salem Witches that drink blood. They turn the ship into a 10 Little Indians situation, taking the crew down, until a freak accident shows the Witch’s one weakness, fire. The tide quickly turns, with the crew taking the witches down in turn.

Honestly, the writing was the weak point in this miniseries. The story is a decent sci-fi twist on an old hat. The dialogue is pretty immature at times, resorting to more than their fare of dick jokes, and a lot of the interpersonal relationships revolve around sex. However, this also feels reminiscent of 80’s slasher movies, where sex was a big part of the whole theme. The right feeling is there, it just needs a little refinement.

The art’s pretty good, with an interesting style that actually works. The sci-fi elements look really nice, with some pretty cool looking space suits and the like. Characters may come across as a little bland-looking, but this only makes the 10 Little Indians phase all that much more appealing. Offing generic-looking drone characters, one by one.

The Last Hunt 2In terms of horror, this miniseries comes across as one of those low-budget indie slashers you find in some weird dude’s VHS collection, in all the best ways. In fact, the kind of cliche writing makes this feel all the more right. Were this a movie, it’d be the cult hit traded around at conventions, purely based on the value of the cheap gore and the chance to see an up-and-coming scream queen drop top and bare it all. In short, it’s something I’d really like to see and enjoyed reading.

This comic is a decent ride. Just long enough to take out in one go, and walk away feeling you just spent your time being purely entertained. There are no messages, no deep story. Just some tits, blood, fire, and death.