Crowdfunding Comics: Blood, Skulls & Chrome

DISCLOSURE: While we are not being given monetary compensation for our coverage of this kickstarter, I, Jordan, have personally put down my own money towards the project and was given a look at the currently in-progress comic to read for this coverage.

Crowdfunding, whether you love it or hate it, can be a very important tool to see content that might not otherwise be made in the industries we love come to life. Today, we’ve got a pitch for a currently on-going kickstarter campaign that we all thought might be right up your alley.

Recently, we here at Graded 0.5 were approached by one Hannu Kesola, a Finnish comic book writer and inker who has been working in the Finnish scene since 1998 and since 2014 has been working more and more with the American comics industry(one of his first American works being featured in Heavy Metal magazine!), to see what we thought about his latest, upcoming work(and to see if we might be willing to spread the word around).

After listening to the pitch for what this story is about(and the Finnish property upon which it is based), as well as checking out the kickstarter for myself, I decided that we could do him one better and feature his upcoming comic as the first(of potentially many) crowdfunding projects that we think are good enough to be worth your hard-earned cash.

So why do I think this is worth your money and why should you pledge funds to make this project come to life?

Well, a good part of that comes from my love of biker gangs and the types of stories that come from that little sector of American Crime stories and another part of it comes from the fact that Kesola and his team have crafted a grimy, brutal and ultimately captivating story(with beautiful art to boot) that definitely doesn’t shy away from telling the story they wish to tell.

You see it far too often in comics that certain creators will shy away from graphic depictions of sex, someone getting a good ass kicking or being flat out murdered, all for the sake of being able to sell more issues to a broader demographic.

Kesola and his team have shown(at least, from what I have seen of their work so far) that they have no fears about being as graphic as they need to be to properly tell their story without being so graphic about the subject matter that the impact of the incidents depicted within the book are lost on the reader.


If you enjoy a finely crafted crime drama revolving around bikers and the lawmen trying to bring them to justice, you owe it to yourself to at least give Blood, Skulls & Chrome and look.

And hey, if you ended up pledging some money to the project? Let them know that Jordan of Graded 0.5 sent ya!