Big Ol’ Update – July 17, 2018

Been a lot going on, here. I’m gonna try to take you through what’s going on here, one bit at a time.

First, the big list of updates:

  • Jordan came back! He needed some time away, we gave it to him. Now he’s back, and has been working on the site pretty much non-stop since, as well as getting back into the recordings and doing some written content.
  • We got a new logo! We’ve updated the site, the Twitter, the Facebook, the YouTube, and the Patreon with the new imagery.
  • We started a Twitch channel! We haven’t streamed anything yet, but that’s gonna be changing really soon.
  • We’re actually actively maintaining our YouTube, now! Old episodes are going to be going up, left and right. We hope to have the entire back library of podcast episodes up in relatively short order!
  • Likewise, our Patreon’s getting active updates. In fact, we’re gonna be mirroring all site news over there, as well.
  • We got a Twitter reposter! We’re going to start freshening up the back log, here. Show off old work, try to get some new eyes on stuff, since our audience appears to be constantly changing.

Ok, so the list doesn’t exactly look huge, but it was a lot of work, man.

Now, on to what’s coming up:

  • We’re taking a small break from recording new episodes of Graded 0.5. There’s a few reasons, including trying to get the YouTube caught up on back episodes, getting some un-aired episodes done, possibly uploading some goodies to YouTube… and well…
  • We got at least 2 new content series lined up. We’ve been teasing an expansion podcast since the end of last year, and now we’re finally getting into it. Additionally, there’s another super secret project in the works, but it might take a bit of time.
  • Graded 0.5 will be scaling back to recording and releasing every two weeks. This is to open us up to taking our time on the content, as well as potentially increasing the amount of content we can put out with that freed up time.
  • Streams! We made a Twitch for a reason, dammit. Expect low-quality (seriously, motherfucker streams at like 350kb/s, it’s some straight up voodoo shit) retro game streams from Jason, and better quality ones from Jordan. These will all be backed up on our YouTube, as well.
  • Written content! Jordan’s doing that, mostly. Jason may get involved, too.

So yeah, we’re busy!