About Us

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of total fools, stumbling through podcasting and editorials, in order to bring the lowest quality content on independent, lesser-known, and just plain weird comics.


Who’s On The Show



Jason was too stoned to fill this out. He also runs the place, which is a sad admission of the state of things. He reads a lot of weird stuff.





Evan’s a relatively new comic nerd who mainly reads indies. His favorite series are Hellboy, BPRD, and Lobster Johnson… So he’s basically obsessed with Mignola.





Like Dick Grayson, only less gay. Lover of independent comics as well as older DC and Marvel. Will smoke weed for food.





Darrell can still remember when the comics used to make him smile. Hopes to see those days return in his lifetime. Infinity Gauntlet for life.





Thousands of years ago last Friday, a conqueror known as Wayne fell into a crevasse of ice. Upon awakening, fully expecting to continue his wave of destruction, he found a shop full of books with four color pictures, and the world was never the same.





Piper’s the only one here that’s actually supposed to have boobs.