About Us

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of total fools, stumbling through podcasting and editorials in order to bring the most bearable content on mainstream and independent comics, manga, and the adaptions of them.


Who’s On The Show


Content Director, Making sure the things get out the door. Details are for weak men.





Piper’s the only one here that’s actually supposed to have boobs.





Resident Source of Rage and autistic editorials.





Evan’s a relatively new comic nerd who mainly reads indies. His favorite series are Hellboy, BPRD, and Lobster Johnson… So he’s basically obsessed with Mignola.




Like Dick Grayson, only less gay. Lover of independent comics as well as older DC and Marvel. Will smoke weed for food.




Darrell can still remember when the comics used to make him smile. Hopes to see those days return in his lifetime. Infinity Gauntlet for life.




International Man of Leisure | Friend to All | Chairman of | Wannabe 30+ Year Old Boomer | “Fuck Aunt May.”



Staff Writers

Doctor Gamma:

Guy who cares way too much about games, movies, comics, etc.



Production Assistance

Josh Bray:

AKA DocBray, AKA Dad of SuperNerdLand. Do-er of things. Helps with audio and visual production, scheduling, and the tech side of things. If the website isn’t working for you, blame him.