A New Era Begins

To our fans:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support over the last year and a half, from re-brands to changes in casts to turnover in the last while here.

I also wanted to thank Jason for his leadership during this time and realizing this project to get it off the ground. Also wish him well as he takes the time needed to get himself sorted so he can be stronger than before.

As far as Twitter account and the show, I will be taking over the reigns (not Roman) for now. We have some exciting stuff lined up, including a cool idea that was just recorded Sunday night that I hope you will all find to be fun and different.

Having your support along with the SuperNerdLand crew will help in this transition, and I hope we can deliver you a quality product now and into the future.

As usual you can hit us up here and if you have any other concerns ping me on my personal account (@OptimusDeadpool) If you also have any ideas you would like to see or want us to cover, let us know, we’re nothing without the community!

Thank You
-Optimus (Wayne)