Graded 0.5 Episode 9 – We Are the Villains

May 31, 2017 Jason Golden 0

This week, we got our friend Fetusberry from the Nothing In Particular Podcast on, to talk villains.  What ensues may actually be a war crime, and is most definitely a crime of good taste.  We had fun, and maybe someone will glean something from this exercise.  If nothing else, this is proof we should not have microphones.

Graded Point Five Episode 7 – Magneto Was Right

April 6, 2017 Jason Golden 1

This is the last episode before a brief hiatus.  Doing some reformatting of the podcast, the cast, and pretty much everything.  Gonna be so much better, though.  Look for us to come back into action about the end of April, 2017.  For our go-home episode here, we discuss the philosophies of the X-Men and related characters.  What makes Magneto tick, the Darwinist extremes of Apocalypse, and the peaceful co-existence of the X-Men and Xavier. Intro music is “Equilibrium Instrumental” by junior85.